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Secret Shopper Inc. has helped many people just like yourself begin a new full or part-time career as a secret shopper, take a look at some feedback from our happy members:

Sonya Ibrahim, Seattle, Washington

"I have completed several retail, mall, automotive, apartment, grocery/liquor and fast food shops successfully since starting in September 2002 with the help of your site. I made over $500 and enjoyed the work very much. Thanks sooo much!!"

Dwayne Parnell, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I made $200 with a very professional company offering a mystery shopping assignments in Las Vegas. Pay is good and experience was valuable."

Laurel Gullion, Los Angeles, California

"At this time I am fully satisfied with the information provided through your database. Thank you for providing this information to serious persons who need the extra income."

Marie Shermet, Toronto, Ontario

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy being a Secret Shopper. I have been working as a Secret Shopper for about a year. I have been able to enjoy dining out, going to movies and more, and it's all paid for by the companies I work for. Each company usually gives two to three weeks to complete an assignment. This way I can go out at my convenience. I have always been paid on time... thanks again for the opportunity!"

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